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I Am Here….Now (trailer) from Cinefamily on Vimeo.

This Saturday night, 02/19, 10:30pm!


Many of Cinefamily’s HFS connisseurers have crashed up on the rocks trying to describe Las Vegas real estate agent cum visionary independent filmmaker Neil Breen. Inevitably, words and high-concept references fail, and one is reducing to just pressing a copy of actor/director/writer/producer/caterer Breen’s first feature Double Down into the confused hands of a future Breen-iac. The only way to understand Breen’s work is to just see it. Here…now…he’s graced us with another full-length excursion into his completely unique universe. This time around, Breen plays a messianic alien Being angered at the greed and corruption of the human species, particularly our lack of renewable energy and environmental consciousness — oh, and business-man crucifixions and time-stopped gang wars..and…well, as Neil put it himself, “This thought-provoking supernatural film is filled with surprising mystical metaphors, exciting twists….and a stunning dramatic conclusion.” Come join The Man Who Four-Walled The Earth for a Q&A after the film!

Tickets – $10