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Sun Beer DiagramZaphod Rowsdowr, space ninja from another dimension, explores the multiverse searching for delicious sun beer. Interstellar travel is actually quite tedious, so he spends most of his time surfing the internet and watching movies. His favorite movie is Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure which he has seen 4,815,162,342 times. He developed a love for our planet’s pop culture after living in Canada for a short time in the 1940s. While there he fell in love with a woman claiming to be a descendant of the ancient Ziox civilization. She left him soon afterward, however, citing religious differences. Zaphod was a devout Bokononist and she was, of course, Zioxian. He now lives alone on his spaceship and drinks a lot. This is his blog….

Ok, forget all that. Honestly, I intended to name the site, based on Zap Rowsdower from The Final Sacrifice, but that was already taken. So I dropped the e, like in Flickr and Tumblr, and ended up with Rowsdowr. Yes, a name that is both hard to pronounce and hard to remember. I am smrt.

Blog topics: Cult Film, TV, Art, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Geek Culture in General.

Credit for Zaphod’s ninja outfit goes to Santo from Cinemageddon. It’s from Godfrey Ho’s Ninja Destroyer (1986).

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