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(wallpaper version of above image | 1680×945)

Msties is a collection of Mystery Science Theater 3000 characters drawn by Damian Fox (aka FutureDami) as part of an imaginary fighting game. Collect them all!

Msties mst3k fighting game characters


“StRiKe mE DoWn aNd I WiLl bEcOmE MoRe pOwErFul ThAn YoU cAn PoSsIbLy iMaGiNe”

When Torgo falls in combat, there is a brilliant flash of light, and from his crumpled mass rises:

Torgo the White!

This ascended holy Torgo not only has increased speed and power but an astounding combat advantage; He is completely immune to the type of attack which felled him.

So, if Torgo was killed by a magical attack, you then face an extremely pissed saint which can only be harmed with physical attacks. This can make Torgo nearly impossible to defeat depending on the versatility and adaptability of his opponent.