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Silver Spoons Theme Song

The Silver Spoons theme song, Together, was written by Rik Howard and Bob Wirth.

There were three versions:

The original

The 1985 synthesized version. This one is the worst. It just sounds terrible in my opinion. Instead of an actual clip of the intro, I thought it might be more appropriate to show this cheesy Ricky Schroder tribute video that uses the song. I like how we spend the whole video speeding through a starfield. It makes it more exciting.

The 1986 rock version with vocals by The Archies’ alumni Ron Dante

More Music from the Show:

Ricky, Alfonso, and Brad “perform” Talk to Me

Ricky Schroder and Alfonso Ribeiro Breakdancing

Bonus Theme Song Cover

Joe Fl?v (guitar) and HazMat (TalkBox) cover the Silver Spoons theme