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Sesame World: Post-Apocalyptic Bert and Ernie by Arron Ingold - Sesame Street Art

Sesame World: Post-Apocalyptic Big Bird by Arron Ingold - Sesame Street Art

The Yip Yips finally found what they had been searching for after all these years – the D-day button responsible for launching America’s nuclear weapons at it’s neighbors.
The ensuing global nuclear retaliation quickly scorched all life from the surface of the planet.

The Muppets from Sesame Street were the only survivors.

Their unique biology enabled their survival, however they were not immune to the effects of massive nuclear radiation. Some were affected mentally, others physically. Food became scarce, disease and violent gangs of Muppets ran rampant throughout all corners… of Sesame World.

[Arron Ingold’s Sketchbook]