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lost chrono

LOST CHRONO is the attempt to re-cut the entire series of “Lost” into complete and correct chronological order and in the same editing tradition and style of the original series. LOST CHRONO is cut together with the proper “Lost” transitions, intro, and outro in the attempt to best mimic an actual “Lost” episode. No split screens, commercials, watermarks, or logos of any kind. It was cut together with the utmost respect for the original artistic vision and with not a single relevant frame left out. No repeat scenes, just each scene cut together to represent everyone’s point of view.

LOST CHRONO consist of 86 episodes averaging 1 hour run time each . It has been divided up into 8 seasons to ease downloading and best represent the storyline. A new take on a classic series. Please check it out and enjoy.

Visit the LOST CHRONO Project Page to download the whole thing.

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