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The video for “The Living Dead,” a dark, driving, bass-heavy electro tune (featuring Canadian MC Omar LinX), is just as ominous as the song. The clip is set at a boardwalk bar, were a seemingly unhappy Greene stops in for a drink. Dialogue comes in the form of English and Thai Paali subtitles, and after a shot of booze with the comically mustached proprietor, Greene notices that a Zeds Dead performance is playing on the screen.

Angry that his “Pulp Fiction” character’s name has been stolen, Greene demands to know who these guys are and where he might find them. Given his intimidating roles in “The Usual Suspects” and “Permanent Midnight,” it’s no surprise that Green shoots the bartender for withholding the information he wants. A curious turn of events occurs when the bartender’s daughter arrives, indicating she knows where to find Zeds Dead (this is the group’s favorite scene), and the two hit the road. The vid ends with a “To be continued,” indicating that fans can expect a conclusion to their adventure.