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Starring Thomas Ian Griffith, Lance Henriksen, James Earl Jones, Tony Todd, Burt Young (Uncle Paulie from Rocky), W. Earl Brown (Dan Dority from Deadwood)

Thomas Ian Griffith is probably most known for playing Terry Silver, the villain in Karate Kid III. Coincidentally he also plays a character named Terry in Excessive Force.

T.I.G. sings Danny Boy (0:24)
T.I.G. performs his signature move: Jump Kick! (1:25)
Burt Young stabs a guy in the ear with a pen (1:33)
T.I.G. and James Earl Jones: Excessive Jazz (2:05)
James Earl Jones does a funny dance (2:52)
W. Earl Brown breaks a guys legs (3:18)
“So you just break into my house, get drunk, and feed your cat?” (4:04)
T.I.G. impales a guy with a pitchfork (6:44)
T.I.G. vs Tony Todd (7:07)
Final Battle: T.I.G. vs Lance Henriksen (7:55)

Plot: Chicago PD detective Terry McCain is mercilessly efficient against serious criminals, therefore hated. After a major coup, his personal love-ones are targeted, a rookie partner is bomb-murdered. Realizing there must be an accomplice within the force, he goes undercover. Slowly it becomes clear he’s up against a monster-conspiracy, with branches in all power houses.

Directed by Jon Hess

Written by Thomas Ian Griffith

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