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Richard La raps over a sample of Abed humming Michael Haggins’ Daybreak

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this is the darkest timeline, please roll that dice
dean pelton said we need some sugar for that spice
helter skelter, crazy Chang became a tyrant
child army, moby dean, 4th graders getting violent

dreamatorium had us traveling through space
time didnt matter, it was blorgons that we had to face
and it was sad to see troy abed go to war
blogons to the gods, that it dont exist any more

expelled from greendale, the world was getting dark
evil abed crossed over, crushing britta’s heart
jeff lost an arm and pierce lost his dad
troy played the hero, the true repairman

and shout outs to the role players on the side
none taken, todd said with some tears in eyes
leonard had no tv so he watched a kiss
he’s on youtube eating pizza buying lets potato chips

fat neil killing yams, omar teaching science
gus destroyed hawkthrone, even though he designed it
starburnes, young prince, man, he cant be killed
rest in peace, vice dean, yeah we miss you still

but most of all, we gon miss dan harmon
created characters that were so damn charming
greendale 7 wont ever be the same
so I hope you good luck, as you build your next thing