Road Blaster is a 1985 interactive movie arcade game developed and published by Data East with help from Toei Animation. The main title theme was performed by the Japanese rock band Jaywalk (aka J-Walk) who had a hit song in 1991 called Nanimo Ienakute… Natsu.

The game was ported to various consoles including MSX, Mega CD/Sega CD (as Road Avenger), Sega Saturn, PlayStation, LaserActive (as Road Prosecuter), and 3DO Interactive Multiplayer (prototyped as Turbo Blaster). I had the Sega CD version and have had this song stuck in my head for about 20 years now.

English Version

Japanese Version

The lyrics are pretty hard to make out, but here’s a fan’s interpretation:

I know I’m gonna revive
When I am…on the road.
I’ve got nowhere to hide
When I am…on the road.
And there’s no use in wondering why
It made you feel like running from me then, girl
How many more tears must I shed
So as to melt the freezing wall of time?
So I’m gonna break it
Have no fear…on the road.
You know I’m sure to make it
No matter what’s…on the road.
And don’t you know it’s very hard
She keeps barking to the silver moon
But I don’t care how long it takes
As long as she lights up my way in the gloom
Until the very moment…when I see you again
I keep steering along the road to the sun
The burning sun
Hear the roars of my car, I’m nearly round the bend
Searching for a love that we did share
There’s no one who can stop me now

Mad Max version

Acoustic Piano Cover Version by Sekrett Scilensce & Mary Margaret Park

Preview of a studio recorded cover by Sekrett Scilensce

Mary Margaret Park and Sekrett Scilensce are also working together on an officially authorized novelization of Road Avenger. You can preview the novel here.

Another Piano Version


Sega CD Road Avenger cover art

  • Pegasus

    Nanai mo Ienakute… Natsu is not the name of the japanese version of the english opening. What’s the name of the latter? I don’t mind it being in either language, but I’d like to know it’s name.

    • No, Nanai mo Ienakute… Natsu is not the Road Avenger song. I only mentioned it because it was their biggest hit, sorry if that was confusing. I should have been more clear. It’s a catchy song too though, so give it a listen if you haven’t yet. I updated the video so it should actually play now.

      As far as the official title of the opening theme goes, I’ve only ever seen it referred to as the intro theme to Road Avenger or Road Blaster. As far as I know it doesn’t have a name other than that. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. If you do find an official name for it, please let me know, I’d be curious to find out!