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Cecilia Giménez restores Vigo Painting from Ghostbusters II - Ecce Homo Fresco, Borja

What if Cecilia Giménez tried to restore the Vigo the Carpathian painting from Ghostbusters II?

Photoshopped by Captain Knots on Something Awful.

Ecce Homo fresco of Jesus botched by Cecilia Giménez - Santuario de la Misericordia

Cecilia Giménez, a woman in her 80s, is known for her botched restoration of a 19th century “ecce homo” fresco of Jesus in Santuario de la Misericordia, a Roman Catholic church in Borja, near the city of Zaragoza.

Vigo The Carpathian - Ghostbusters II - Wilhelm von Homburg - Max Von Sydow(Image by Trekkie313)

Vigo the Carpathian (originally known as Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf) is an ancient 16th Century medieval tyrant and sorcerer, who later died in the 17th century. He’s the main antagonist in Ghostbusters II and is portrayed onscreen by Wilhelm von Homburg, and voiced by Max Von Sydow.
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