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via Mondo Exploito:

Pigmon isn’t a daikaij? (a giant monster). And no, Pigmon does not have the ability to break apart a building. He is, however, damn good at breaking the hearts of Ultraman fans. Pigmon could well be the saddest character to feature in the original Ultraman series. This friendly and tiny monster just can’t catch a break.

Poor Pigmon. Crushed to death not once, but twice! Yes, the writers of Ultraman cruelly bring Pigmon back from the dead only to murder him once more. But it’s Pigmon’s death scenes that make him one of the more memorable monsters from the Ultraman series. Pigmon is a sad, pathetic looking creature. He’s desperate to please his new pals, the Science Patrol, and watching him die while serving them is quite horrific. It’s not only the fact that Pigmon is an intensely innocent character, but the way he dies in both episodes is genuinely unsettling. First, we see him crushed to death by rocks thrown by Red King. His eyes slowly close as he breathes his final breath. Traumatising. His second death is even worse as Dorako delivers a nasty blow to Pigmon’s tiny frame.

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