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Looney Mutant Ninja Tunes by Luke Denby - tmnt, looney tunes, mashup, fanart

by Luke Denby

I tried to pick fitting characters at least for the 4 main “turtles” Bugs is obviously the main Tune so he makes for an obvious Leo. Daffy was his rival and always had a hot temper so he gets to be Raph. Wile E. was good with gadgets so he’s Don. And Taz is obviously a party dude, so he’s Mikey. The others I just picked based on what I though would be a good fit for the other characters style.

Other Characters:
Speedy Gonzales (?) – Splinter
Porky Pig – Casey Jones
Granny – April O’Neil
Foghorn Leghorn – Bebop
Sylvester – Rocksteady
Tweety Bird – Foot Soldier