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Clark, Ellen, Audrey and Rusty Griswold reunite for EW’s 2012 Reunions issue.

We found out, long ago, it’s a long way down the holiday road. It’s just difficult to believe how long ago that was. Nearly 30 years have passed since ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’ sent Chevy Chase, Beverly D’Angelo, Dana Barron and Anthony Michael Hall on the Griswold family’s ill-fated trek to Wally World. The kids were replaced for each of the sequels, but now the original clan is back together for EW’s annual Reunions issue. Check out video of the dysfunctional movie-family’s reunion. The Griswold clan may be strange, but it turns out they’ve never been estranged.

They all went on to their own projects over the years. Chase, now 68, had Fletch, Spies Like Us and Community. D’Angelo had American History X and Entourage. Hall went on to a series of classic comedies by John Hughes (incidentally, the screenwriter for Vacation) and the TV series The Dead Zone, and Barron won a 1989 Daytime Emmy for the after-school special No Means No, before going on to a recurring role on the original Beverly Hills 90210.

But for each of them, Vacation was a defining moment.

National Lampoon's Vacation: Griswold Family Reunion 2012 - Chevy Chase - Clark, Beverly D'Angelo, Anthony Michael Hall - Rusty, Dana Barron