These are the opening and closing themes to Batman Lightning, the Japanese version of The New Adventures of Batman from 1977. They were performed by a band called Sue Cream Sue.

Opening Theme: Crescent Night Story

As the midnight sun hung above the streets, he jumped over search lights,
climbed up emergency stairs, and his black motion made his footsteps echo.
You were trying to be sneaky, weren’t you, ba-ba-ba-bad baby.
He snatches his prey and completes his work very swiftly,
please, with a stop motion, show me your elusive and mysterious real face.
What an impudent man! Mi-mi-mi-midnight lover.
Coming up! BAT MAN! In this darknight, I’m being embraced by a BAD MAN!
Now light up the shooting stars and send them to the ends of the earth.
More, BUT MAN, coolly, a bout man! intensely, [no sure what “a bout man” is…]
With his true identity undiscovered, he’s the Ba-ba-ba BATMAN.

Ending Theme: I Love BATMAN

BATMAN I love you… BATMAN I need you…
Everyone looks up to and talks about you,
so please always be your dreamy self no matter when.
Save me from a pinch, and show me your macho virility, for I love strong men!
BATMAN I love you, but times change.
BATMAN I need you, to remaing always dreamy
is so hard. But But My Love

– Translation by animeyay

Here’s the full version of Crescent Night Story by Sue Cream Sue

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