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This holiday commercial from Old Navy reunites the Griswold family from National Lampoon’s Vacation, European Vacation, and Christmas Vacation. It features Chevy Chase (Clark), Beverly D’Angelo (Ellen), Dana Barron (Audrey 1), Anthony Michael Hall (Rusty 1), Jason Lively (Rusty 2 aka “Euro-Rusty”), and Juliette Lewis (Audrey 3).

Sadly, Dana Hill who played the 2nd Audrey passed away from a stroke in 1996 after complications from diabetes. Not sure why Johnny Galecki (Rusty 3) wasn’t part of the reunion.

Jason Lively totally wins this commercial as far as I’m concerned. He’s even wearing the “Rusty” beret!

Jason Lively as Rusty Griswold with Beret in European Vacation