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Batman (Adam West) paid a visit to Memphis Wrestling in 1976 and had this memorable encounter with Jerry “The King” Lawler who was dressed in a Superman costume.

Here’s a breakdown from Comics Alliance:

#1: Adam West is clearly inebriated. And judging by the fact that he mentions that Lawler was wrestling “this morning” (and the show’s traditional 11 AM time-slot), I’m pretty sure that means that he straight up kicked off his day with a few of Alfred’s traditional breakfast cocktails.

#2: Batman is meant to be traveling incognito. And by that, I mean that he’s cold wearing a velour tracksuit, plus his mask and gloves. You want to see the whole suit? Pay your two bucks to get into the Memphis Auto Show, son.

#3: Mr. Freeze and the Penguin have teamed up to cause an unseasonably cold winter in Tennessee. That might seem ridiculous, but let’s be real here, folks: This whole “Gotham City” thing was clearly not working out for them. It only makes sense that they’d give it a go somewhere else, but true to form, they didn’t consider that their evil crime would coincide with a car show. The fatal flaw that brings down their house of cards.

#4: They Have a “Hook Up” With Jerry Lawler, the Evil King of Memphis. I have been watching professional wrestling for my entire life, and never have I seen a heel so evil that he would team up with actual super-villains in order to secure a victory in the ring. At long last, Jerry Lawler, have you no decency?!

#5. Jerry Lawler? Full Superman costume. Adam West? Tracksuit plus cowl. No wonder he seems a little grumpy that the short-tied interviewer is asking him what’s up with his outfit.

#6. “I’ve heard about your box.” I have not actually been able to verify this, but apparently, the box contained Frankenstein. No joke.

#7. Batman’s Pal, Soup. See #1 above.

#8. Batman’s other pal, Spidey-Baby. If we get nothing else from the DC Reboot, I want Batman to start talking about this. And maybe explain why Spider-Man would give a crap about any of this.

#9. Batman’s Endorsement of Turn-Signals. Who knew that was all it took to be a good person?

#10. Bat-Fans or Rednecks? Guys, as someone who worked in a comic book store in South Carolina for six years, I can assure you that it is possible to be both.

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