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Furious (1984) VHS Box Cover

From the VHS box:

Mystic Aliens Fight Karate Heroes for Control of the Universe…

Action, Adventure on the Astral Plane…

Filmed entirely in Hollywood, NOT DUBBED

Aggressive aliens with mystic powers aim to win power over universal humanity. Simon and his spiritual master – aided by charms possessing strange powers – face enormous odds. Clean action adventure for the whole family.

Plot Synopsis from Trash Nite:

Mourning the death of his sister at the hands of a white Mongol who’s as much a fan of Bob & Doug McKenzie as he is of killing ladies, Simon (played by Simon Rhee) and his red sweatshirt (raglan cut, tucked into the pants) are summoned to an office building populated by screwfaced martial arts students and new wave security guards, where he’s given a gift shop medallion and a very esoteric set of instructions by his elderly, estranged tae kwon do teacher (Simon Rhee’s younger brother Phillip). Seeking retribution, he soon finds himself beating the will to live out of dudes in exotic locales such as the middle of a field, the top of a cliff and a restaurant with a floor show that features a man spinning swords within five feet of a baby’s face to a sparse audience of old ladies messily eating baked chicken. Occasionally aided by Hawaiian shirt aficionados with butt-cuts, a troop of scrappy karate kids and a gossipy Buddha statue, Simon eventually gets his revenge on his sister’s murderer, but to defeat the true source of ultimate evil, he’s gonna have to get FUURRRIIIOOUS!