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via Film Buff Online:

Li san jiao wei zhen di yu men or Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu (1977) (also known as The Dragon Lives Again) is perhaps one of the more outrageous entry in an already outrageous genre. It stars Siu-Lung Leong, given the screen name of Bruce Leong here even though there is virtually no resemblance at all, as Bruce Lee, who following his death has arrived in hell and opened a gym. After all, what else would one do upon arriving in the afterlife? All seems to be going OK until he discovers that some evil folks, including the Godfather, James Bond Dracula and Clint Eastwood, are planning on taking over Hell. So Bruce teams up with Kung Fu‘s Kain, The One-Armed Swordsman and, of course, Popeye. Crazy, right? Here we get to see Popeye doing all the things we know him for, like eating spinach and fighting mummies.

Chinese Popeye from The Dragon Lives Again