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In May 1976, we introduced “Coke Adds Life to …,” a new advertising campaign showing Coca-Cola as the soft drink for all occasions.

Aimed at the young and what we called the “young-at-heart,” the campaign showed that Coca-Cola added a simple thing — enjoyment — to life.

Research work on “Coke adds life to…” began in 1973 (done by our Company and ad agency McCann-Erickson) and lasted three years.

Coke adds life Atlanta sign The joint team came up with almost 100 copy lines and found that the lines “Coke adds a little life” or “Coke adds life” connected with the audience.

“Coke adds life” showed Coca-Cola as the perfect companion with food, fun and leisure. For example, the commercial “Fourth of July” honored the Bicentennial of the United States, showing Coke as part of the celebration – from a parade and baseball game to a fireworks display.

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