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Nightmare Beach aka Welcome to Spring Break Poster - Umberto Lenzi Slasher

Nightmare Beach, released in the United States as Welcome to Spring Break, is an Italian-American slasher film released in 1988 co-directed by Harry Kirkpatrick and (uncredited) Umberto Lenzi, and starring Nicolas de Toth, Sarah Buxton, John Saxon, and Michael Parks. Umberto Lenzi had a falling out with the producer just as production started and wanted to be taken off the film, but Harry Kirkpatrick (who wound up receiving sole directing credit) convinced Lenzi to remain on the set in an uncredited advisory capacity throughout the entire production. For years, many horror film fans thought Harry Kirkpatrick was an alias for Lenzi, but Lenzi has stated in interviews that there really was a Harry Kirkpatrick who wrote & co-directed that film.

Diablo, the leader of the Demons motorcycle gang, is about to be executed for the murder of a young woman. Confronting the victim’s sister Gail (Sarah Buxton), he proclaims his innocence and vows to return before being he is killed via electric chair. A year passes and Spring Break has come to Miami…


“You jerk. You moron. You idiot.”

Go Gators!!