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Artwork by Mr-Donkeygoat:

“Same Shit Different Dimension”

It has become my great duty and honor to relate the Most Incredible and terrifying tale never before recorded. The one and only time the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teamed up with the Ghostbusters to save not only New York, but the entire universe. Shredder has found an enchanted relic that brings forth Gozer, and in her rage and thirst for revenge, she awakens the elder gods to destroy the turtles and the Ghostbusters. Now Split into teams and scattered across time and space, the turtles and the busters must work together to save us all.This episode we find our heroes Raphael and Dr. Peter Venkman as they fight their way through the dank streets of r’lyeh.

Raphael and Peter Venkman Teamup - TMNT/Ghostbusters