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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Theme - Electropop Remix

MST3K Theme Song remix by Andy Lindsay

It’s a kind of 80s techno-pop, faintly chiptuney repurposing of MST3k’s theme song. I used the season 8 iteration of the theme, mainly because it was the first clean, stereo version I happened across after I got the idea.

I made this for no particular reason. The inspiration came from the other day when I had the basic bassline of this track in my head, just as an episode of Mst3k had started. The bassline in my head fit the theme song, so I made it.

I also had just found an old folder on my hard drive, with a bunch of soundfonts, so the track is heavy on soundfonts (for the orchestral bits, and some FX), and a few 3xOsc synths, and a Harmless do the synthy sounds. The drum sounds were sampled from Hall & Oates’ “I can’t go for that”.