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The Headless Eyes (1971) VHS Box Art - Early Proto-Slasher/Gore Horror Film by Jason Bateman's Father

Written and directed by Kent Bateman, father of Jason Bateman (Arrested Development) and Justine Bateman (Family Ties).


Poor artist gets eye gouged out while committing a robbery. When his eye heals, he goes on a killing spree and cuts out women’s eyes with a spoon.

Full Movie:

The original big VHS box for this movie will be available for purchase from Wizard Video on March 12, 2013 as part of their big VHS collection sale.

Lost in a warehouse for 33 years! The amazing big box Wizard Video Collection!

An early pioneer in the home video business, Charles Band started both MEDA HOME ENTERTAINMENT in the late 70’s and WIZARD VIDEO in 1980.

After releasing features like THE GROOVE TUBE, FLESH GORDON and TUNNELVISION in the standard VHS box format WIZARD VIDEO introduced the oversized “big VHS box” which featured lurid titles such as ZOMBIE, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, DEMONIAC & BREEDERS! After a few short years of these big VHS box releases WIZARD VIDEO returned to the standard size VHS box as retailers were quickly running out of shelf space. A fond memory for people who grew up in the video store era of the early 80’s – the big VHS box has become a rare collectable due to its scarcity and (usually poor) condition. And now a treasure trove of original big VHS boxes was found late last year in one of Charles Band’s and Full Moon’s many overcrowded warehouses! 36 features are represented in this discovery with quantities ranging from 180 boxes to 420 boxes. The 30+ year old big VHS boxes are in mint condition as they have never been out of their original shipping boxes!

This unique sale!

Beginning February 12th and for every month thereafter four of these 36 Wizard Video big box VHS cassettes will go on sale. They will contain the original program newly duplicated on VHS in a black clam shell which will be in the original box. Each original box will be numbered based on quantities found (IE x180 original boxes were found of RETURN OF THE ZOMBIES so therefore the numbers will start at 01/180, then 02/180 and all the way thru 180/180) and each box will be signed by Charles Band.