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Cabin in the Woods Print by Trevor Henderson

via XombieDIRGE

Cabin in the Woods by Trevor Henderson / Tumblr / Store

13” X 19” Full color and black and white Prints. Available HERE.

Depicting every monster from the movie including (deep breath)…. Cthulhu, Giant Spider, Man In Transparent Tarp, Matthew Buckner, Fornicus, Dana, Dragonbat, Reptilius, Cyclops, Bull-Skull Demon, Deadites, Japanese Floaty Girl, Floating Leech Creature, Kevin, The Re-Animated, Curt, Giant Snake, The Doctors, Unicorn, The Twins, Killer Clown, Werewolf, Wraith, Murder-Bot, Dolls, Kraken, Mummy, Dismemberment Goblin, Sugarplum Fairy, Doomed Security Forces, Alien Beast, Jack O’Lantern, Nosferatu, Mutant, Scarecrow Folk, Patience Buckner, Doomed Scientists, Zombies, Merman, Angry Molesting Tree, Inbred Maniac, The Blob and Mama Buckner.

And if you are not already, I would strongly suggest you follow Trevor’s other genius tumblr blog, Feature Creature, for more of this type of thing. It’s tasty.