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– Marge: Homer, I don’t? understand how can you spend the whole day watching TV and drinking beer…

– Homer: You are right Marge, bring me a new one as this beer isn’t cold anymore.

– Marge: ahh Homer, what I mean is that you’ve been here for 6 hours and it seems to be that it is a bit excesive.

– Homer: oh Marge, surveys affirm that the average citizen spends 3 hours in front of the TV…

– Marge: Moreover, I can’t understand why are? you watching such an insulting TV show.

– Homer: I agree Marge, this offends. I am ringing them inmediately for complaining since they can’t waste a cake like that whilst I am starving here … at this very moment.

– Marge: Leave it, I’ll bring you a beer, but I insist you spend so much time in front of the TV…Homer