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Robson and Jerome Album Cover - Bronn from Game of Thrones

Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn on Game of Thrones, used to be part of a pop duo called Robson & Jerome.

Robson & Jerome were an English pop duo in the 1990s, featuring actors Robson Green and Jerome Flynn, who were best known for their British TV series Soldier Soldier.

One episode called for the duo to sing “Unchained Melody”. Subsequently ITV was inundated by people looking to buy the song, and the pair were persuaded by Simon Cowell to release it as a single. Cowell enlisted top music producers Mike Stock and Matt Aitken, with whom he had worked many times, to produce the single. It stayed at No.1 for 7 weeks on the UK Chart, selling more than a million copies and making it the best-selling single of the year.

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