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Mighty Morphin' Pony Rangers MegaHord by Sean Mirrsen - My Little Pony x Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin’ Pony Rangers – MegaHORD by Sean Mirrsen

What if the Elements of Harmony could be used in an entirely different manner? In this crossover with Power Rangers, I tried to depict the result of an ultimate combination machine, the MegaHORD formed from seven smaller machines (HORDs, Harmony Operated Robotic Destroyers).

Six belong to the six Rangers:

Twilight Sparkle, Magenta Ranger, pilots the Harmonic Unity HORD, which forms the torso and head of the MegaHORD. In combat she uses her own magic, amplified by the machine.

Applejack, Orange Ranger, pilots the Harmonic Justice HORD, which forms the right arm of the MegaHORD. Her weapons are the dual Applasma Cannons and a hydraulic ram. She can also use her machine’s extendable prehensile mane as a lasso.

Rarity, White Ranger, pilots the Harmonic Benevolence HORD, which forms the left arm of the MegaHORD. Her weapon is the Diamond Drill, and she can also (reluctantly) use her machine’s gem-lined tail as a razor whip.

Pinkie Pie, Pink Ranger, pilots the Harmonic Anxiety HORD, which forms the backpack of the MegaHORD. Her weapons are the two shouldered Party Howitzers, which fire a variety of munitions depending on her whim, and frequently in defiance of laws of physics. She has extensively customized the HORD, which she insists be called “The Party Animal”.

Rainbow Dash, Cyan Ranger, pilots the Harmonic Tenacity HORD, which forms the right leg of the MegaHORD. Her weapons are mostly sheer awesomeness and giving the MegaHORD the ability to fly, or “jump good”. Despite being limited in direct weaponry, she managed to come up with aerial attacks of her own, such as the Rainbow Crush and the Roundhouse Atomic RainBuck.

Fluttershy, Yellow Ranger, pilots the Harmonic Mercy HORD, which forms the left leg of the MegaHORD. Almost entirely bereft of weapons in either mode, and usually just assists Rainbow Dash in flying the MegaHORD. In the event of a crisis, however, she can utilize her machine’s surprising speed and agility to great effect, as well as her famous personal powers such as The Stare, which the HORD magically amplifies when it manifests.

In addition, one more machine belongs to the two Princesses.

Celestia and Luna don’t participate in battles directly, but whenever the Rangers need additional power, they send out the Harmonic Balance HORD, which is unpiloted and has no weapons of its own. In combination with the MegaHORD, the Harmonic Balance provides access to the Princesses’ magic force, allowing the most powerful of the Harmonic attacks, and forms the chestplates, shoulderpads, and other external armor pieces on the combined machine.