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Death Waltz presents BRING OUT YOUR DISCO DEAD by Kier-La Janisse on Mixcloud

This is a horror-themed mixtape put together by Spencer Hickman of Death Waltz Records for the Fangoria website.

Hickman says: “This started as a straight 80s synth mix but then I decided to kick it off with the unreleased theme for Hellraiser by Coil which then meant that I didn’t have to follow any rules so in amongst the straight soundtrack stuff there are disco versions of horror themes and cover versions towards the end. it’s stuff that I really dig and it’s nice to do something interesting and non-traditional, especially for Fangoria, a magazine I grew up with. If you have never heard the Splash Band covering Carpenter or Lalo Schrifin’s disco version of the Amityville Horror then you are in for a treat – and even if you have, it’s not like you don’t want to listen to those again, is it?”


1. Dialogue Sample from The Legend of Hell House
2. Hellraiser Main Theme By Coil
3. Boogey man (version 2) By Tim Kroog
4. Death Line Main Title By Will Malone
5. Mutation By Susan Justin
6. Verso L’Ignoto 3 By Carlo Maria Cordio
7. Chopping mall By Chuck Cirino
8. Blasther By Jay Chattaway
9. Betrayal By Tangerine Dream
10. Killed By Gianni Rossi
11. Fulci’s Rotting Children By Gigue
12. Christine By Splash Band
13. The Pianist & The Reporter By Bangkok impact
14. “Theme from ‘Friday the 13th Part 3′” By Harry Manfredini & Michael Zager
15. Amityville Frenzy By Lalo Schrifrin
16. Dialogue Sample from Freaks