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Quint from Jaws as Wolverine by PJ McQuade

Jaws’ Quint (played by Robert Shaw), the “original sideburned anti-hero”, escapes the belly of the shark with Wolverine-like mutant powers in this cover for the imagined comic book, The Mighty Quint #1.

Artist: PJ McQuade:

Whenever I watch Jaws I am always struck by how dope Quint’s sideburns are. He really rocks the stuffing out of them. Always made me think of another famous fictional fella with killer burns – Wolverine! So I thought what if Quint was actually a mutant, had a healing factor and an adamantium skeleton with killer claws. He’d slash his way out Jaw’s belly, emerged from the blood reborn, ready to take the high seas by storm. I designed it as a comic book cover, an homage to Wolverine #1. At last – in his own monthly series!

Full bleed giclée print
Chromolife 100 Archival Inks
Hand signed and Dated

Also available as a slightly cropped 8.5×11 version for $20
Message me 🙂

Oh, I am included a FREE 3×5″ Quint head waterproof sticker with every print:)

Also got an 11×14″ print of the Quint headshot, along with your choice of one of his many fantastic quotes if you like.
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