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Yes, this is real!

Kickboxer Robocop (aka Rings Untouchable) was produced by Joseph Lai and Betty Chan of IDF Film & Arts Ltd, who were responsible for countless ridiculous (and mostly ninja related) movies from the ’80s and early ’90s.

I guess they knew people wouldn’t be able to make any sense of the movie on their own, so they went ahead and explained the entire plot on the back:

When a power enhancing drug has hallucinogenic side effects on kickboxer, Jack, he refuses to take it, and is then dropped by his manager. Desperate for money, he takes his teammate Kevin’s offer to deliver some cocaine. It is a set-up to take the business away from drug lord, Henry. Jack ends up in prison with Axel who was caught in the same deal.

They meet Wilfredo, Jose, and Ramon in jail and they plan an escape. They are successful, but must split into two groups. Wilfredo, Jose, and Ramon start robbing banks, but become deadly enemies when Wilfredo decides to go straight after falling in love with a local girl. He is gunned down by Henry’s hitman, David, because of his association with Jack. Axel also dies, but in a fight with Kevin.

Corrupt fight promoter, Parker, agrees to set up a fight between now blood rivals Kevin and Jack, and bets heavily on Jack. In order to ensure his success, he pumps Jack full of the experimental drug which brings out Jack’s ultimate fighting power while making Kevin appear as a fearsome robot to Jack. Crazed by the drug, Jack does win the fight, and is finally able to give up the ring and seek a peaceful life.

Definitely sounds like an “Outstanding and Entertaining Film!”

Another Clip:

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