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Jack Handey, best know for his “Deep Thoughts” segments from Saturday Night Live, just wrote his very first novel: The Stench of Honolulu: A Tropical Adventure.

Jack Handey’s exotic tale is full of laugh-out-loud twists and unforgettable characters whose names escape me right now. A reliably unreliable narrator and his friend, who is some other guy, need to get out of town. They have a taste for adventure, so they pay a visit to a relic of bygone days-a travel agent-and discover an old treasure map. She might have been a witch, by the way. Our heroes soon embark on a quest for the Golden Monkey, which takes them into the mysterious and stinky foreign land of Honolulu. There, they meet untold dangers, confront strange natives, kill and eat Turtle People, kill some other things and people, eat another thing, and discover the ruins of ancient civilizations.

Here are four illustrated video excerpts from the book:

The Bible

The Nickname

The Pirate

The Crone

Voiceover: Jack Handey
Written by Jack Handey
Concept/Directed by Pat Bishop
Edited by Pat Bishop, Andy Maxwell, Chris Poole
Illustrations by John Maxwell
DP: Brian Lane
Grip: Aaron Ulrich
Art: Tricia Robertson

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