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5 minute cut of Joseph Lai and Godfrey Ho’s The Power of Ninjitsu (1988) by the CDTcrew.

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Review from IMDb user HaemovoreRex:

Released here in the UK under the alternative title of, Ninja Operation 5: Godfather the Master, this is yet another utterly baffling but hilarious cut & paste effort brought to us by our good old friend Joseph Lai.

Well, if you’re reading this review, chances are that you’ve come across these glorious cut & paste ninja flicks before so rather than give yet another history lesson of the brazen scam that IFD and Filmark productions were running in the 1980’s I’ll instead offer you a glimpse of some of the highlights in the film in question…..

Herein you’ll find a plethora of God awful dubbing and inappropriate voice over work, some fabulously attired ninja, a soundtrack stolen from pop group Ah Ha(!), a vengeful mob boss’s son called Raymond who spends the entire film laughing like an imbecile, a brief scene featuring a man with possibly the worst mullet ever(!!!), a truly demented fight near the beginning in which the combatants miraculously switch from fighting in an office, to suddenly appearing, fighting atop a rooftop and finally suddenly appearing (and still fighting) in a public park somewhere(WTF?!!!) and best of all, the hilariously abrupt ending in this in which Richard Harrison’s character get’s a rather unpleasant surprise in the final shot….classic!!!

Ah, why don’t they make films like this anymore?