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Here’s your chance to buy the Iron Man costume that Dan Harmon wore at the Community panel at Comic-Con 2013! It was created by homemade robot suit master Rob Schrab.

Bid on it now!

Are you a fan of NBC’s Community?

Are you a fan of Dan Harmon rising from the ashes of unemployment and returning to the show he created?

This is DAN HARMON’S IRON MAN COSTUME that was built less than 16 hours before heading down to the 2013 Comic Con.

* Heart is battery powered — lights up.

* Back plate says: “STREETS AHEAD” — lights up with various, mini-flash lights (In no way is it a proper lighting system!)

* Palms light up (one hand needs new batteries).

* Top of chest plate is signed by Dan Harmon.

* Comes with boots!

* Smells like Dan!

It got a little beat up when Jim Rash and Danny Pudi took it off of Harmon but if you’re good with a hot glue gun, it can be fixed up pretty easy. It was literally thrown together. Great piece of Community history! Wear it at 2014’s Comic Con or when you watch the fifth season with your jealous friends!

Please ask any questions, I’ll do my best to answer them!


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