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Abslon Daak - Dalek Killer - Doctor Who Art by Rob Schrab

Art by Rob Schrab.

Abslom Daak was a human criminal in the Doctor Who universe seeking vengeance against the Daleks after they killed his only love, Princess Taiyin.

The character originated in Abslom Daak… Dalek Killer, a backup comic story published in Doctor Who Weekly Issues 17-20 in February 1980.

Hardened criminal Abslom Daak chooses a suicide mission as a Dalek Killer as an alternative to vapourisation. Daak survives transmission through space and arrives on the newly-colonised Dalek world of Mazam where the puppet ruler, Princess Taiyin is about to be exterminated by her masters. Daak rescues her and together they make their escape from the palace and launch an attack on the Dalek base nearby. The attack is sucessful but a stray Dalek survivor manages to kill Taiyin while Daak holds her in his arm. Half-crazed, Daak swears to revenge himself on every stinking Dalek in the galaxy.
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