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Community x Final Fantasy VII Mashup Art by Ben Deguzman

Deanal Changtasy VII, a Community x Final Fantasy VII mashup by Ben Deguzman.

Info about Ben’s character choices:

Why is Shirley Aerith? [Britta]/[Annie]/[Dean] should be Aerith!
Ok, first of all, that’s Racist, Pierce. Secondly, HELLO, Aerith casts Holy. If Shirley existed in Midgar – she would be the first to cast Holy.

Did you just typecast Troy as Barret?
No – my original plan was to have Abed as Cloud, so Troy was always naturally Barret since he knows Cloud well. But then Jeff aesthetically made a better Cloud. Everything just fit nicer when I made Troy Barret.

Where is Cid?
I actually wanted to make this piece a little more Season 5 and make Prof. Hickey Cid.. but honestly there wasnt room so I made this more a classic study group piece

Is that a front-facing tail on Dean / XIII?

Why is Shirley/Aerith making Pierce/Sephiroth talk to the hand?
Callback to Season 1 when Pierce was always hitting on Shirley. Also just to show that she isn’t the kind of Aerith you can sneak up on and stab.

Why is Britta Yuffie?
Because people consider Yuffie the worst.

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