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Battle for Eternia by Adam Moore - Masters of the Universe Art

He-Man battles Skeletor in this illustration from Adam Moore.

More Masters of the Universe and ThunderCats Art by Adam Moore here.

This work is part of a Kickstarter campaign from Strange Kids Club to produce Strange Kid Comics Magazine #4.

Welcome to the club. Strange Kids Club, that is. A website, a magazine and a way of life; not just for geeks or nerds, but the truly strange, phenomenal and retro-loving freaks out there seeking a distraction from adulthood. While the Strange Kids Club website seeks to uncover the more obscure reference points of pop culture on a daily basis, the SK Comics Magazine brings our sense of off-color humor and love of comics to the forefront.

In Issue #4 we’ve got one of the greatest toy designers and illustrators of the past 30 years, JAMES GROMAN! Most of you may recognize his work on the rude, crude MADBALLS rubber toy line from the mid-80s, but Groman has also worked on brands like Barnyard Commandos, My Pet Monster, Stretch Armstrong, G.I. Joe and more! We go in depth with the artist to discuss his career, some of his favorites projects and how he once ended up stuck in a dinosaur’s anus.

This issue also features a full length comic written by Benito Cereno (Robert Kirkman’s Invincible, The Tick New Series) with art by Glen Brogan, Aaron Klopp, Aaron Alexovich, Chad Welch and Michael Anderson.

Cassette Death - Poster by James Groman - Strange Kid Comics Magazine

Poster by James Groman

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