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MST3K fan Attiea compiled a mix of songs from films featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000. Stream the playlist above.

Track List:
1) Man for Me (Operation Double 007 – S05 E08)
2) Cotton Picker (Untamed Youth – S01 E11)
3) Edge of a Dream ( Space Mutiny – S08 E20)
4) You Better Run (Final Justice – S10 E08)
5) World War Two boy (Blood Waters of Dr. Z – S10 E05)
6) Shadows (Squirm S10 E12)
7) Rolling Stone (Untamed Youth – S01 Ep11)
8) Girl in Gold Boots (Girl in Gold Boots – S10 Ep02)
9) Stop the Music (Deadly Bees – S09 E05)
10) Ace of Spades (Zombie Nightmare – S06 E04)
11) Lonely Boy (Girls Town – S06 E01)
12) Salamandee (Untamed Youth – S01 E11)
13) Kiss Kicker 99 (Hobgoblins – S09 E07)
14) Forgetting you (Manos: the Hands of Fate – S04 E24)
15) Book of Love (Catalina Caper S02 E04)
16) 5 the Hardway (The Sidehackers S02 E02)
17) Hellcats (The Hellcats S02 E09)
18) Just Wigglin’ and Wobblin’ (The Horror of Party Beach S08 E17)
19) Deep Deep Down (italian ver.) (Danger: Diabolik S10 E13)
20) Do you want to Laugh or Cry? (Girl in Gold Boots – S10 E02
21) What a Lovely way to go (Soultaker S10 E01)
22) Engines Roar (Pod People S03 E03)
23) California Lady (Track of the Moon Beast S10 E07)
24) Scuba Party (Catalina Caper S02 E04)
25) My, my, my, my Mitchell (Mitchell S05 E12)
26) Elaine (The Horror of Party Beach S08 E17)
27) Go Go Calypso (Untamed Youth – S01 E11)
28) Under Wah-Wah (Danger: Diabolik S10 E13)
29) C’mon! Let’s Go! (Zombie Nightmare – S06 E04)
30) Jimmy’s Girl (Girl in Gold Boots – S10 E02)
31) Wish it Were Me (Girls Town – S06 E01)
32) Allegri Ragazzi (Operation Double 007 – S05 E08)
33) Only Love (The Sidehackers S02 E02)
34) Moon Zero Two – Intro (Moon Zero Two S01 E11)
35) Rock the Nation (Soultaker S10 E01)
36) Girls Town (Girls Town – S06 E01)
37) Wait til I get you home (Daddy-O – S03 E07)
38) Stratosphere Boogie (The Skydivers S06 E09)
39) Gold (Girl in Gold Boots – S10 E02)
40) Gatto Parlante (Operation Double 007 – S05 E08)
41) Heaven (Angels Revenge – S06 E22)
42) State of the Heart (Alien from L.A. S05 E16)
43) Rebirth (Zombie Nightmare – S06 E04)
44) Man For Me (Italian Version) (Operation Double 007 – S05 E08)
45) Strollin’ Sunday Mornin’ (The Sidehackers S02 E02)
46) Wheels of Love (Girl in Gold Boots – S10 E02)
47) Birds the Word (The Crawling Hand S01 E06)
48) Deep Deep Down (English) (Danger: Diabolik S10 E13)