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Arizal Photo - Indonesian Director

Arizal, Indonesian director of awesomely cheesy over-the-top action & martial arts movies, has passed away at the age of 71. His films include Special Silerncers (1979), The Stabilizer (1986), Final Score (1986), and American Hunter (1988).

Backyard Asia has an English-translated article about the director’s passing.

In honor of Arizal, you can watch American Hunter and The Stabilizer in full at the end of this post via YouTube.

First though, let’s check out some trailers and clips from his films so you know what you’re getting into:

American Hunter (Modernized Trailer) – Starring Chris Mitchum (Robert Mitchum’s son) and Peter O’Brian (Rambu from The Intruder)

Special Silencers (Gruesome Death Scene) – Barry Prima kicks a guy causing his necklace to fly into his mouth. Then branches burst out of his body. Insane.

Special Silencers VHS Cover - Arizal

The Stabilizer (Trailer) – Starring the very stalloney Peter O’Brian and Indonesian Mr. T.

Peter O'Brian in The Stabilizer - Arizal

Final Score (Trailer) – Chris Mitchum in a Death Wish style revenge flick

Final Score VHS Cover - Arizal

B-Movie gold right? Watch American Hunter and The Stabilizer in their entirety below.

American Hunter (Full Movie)

American Hunter aka Lethal Hunter - Arizal, Chris Mitchum, Peter O'Brian

The Stabilizer (Full Movie)

Buy The Stabilizer on DVD

The Stabilizer VHS Cover - Arizal