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greatest death scenes of all time supercut

Drafthouse Films presents Greatest Movie Deaths of All Time as chosen by the directors of ABCs of Death 2, a 26-chapter horror anthology film.

The 4-minute supercut contains classics like Raiders of the Lost Ark, Alien and RoboCop as well as much more obscure films. Check it out below.

Here’s a complete list of the films from which each death scene was taken:

1: Contraband
2: Theatre Of Blood
3: The Terminator
4: Raiders Of The Lost Ark
5: Alien
6: Once Upon A Time In The West
7: Hidden (Cache)
8: Sometimes a Great Notion
9: Scarface
10: Men Behind the Sun
11: King Kong
12: Blue Velvet
13: Titanic
14: House (Hausu)
15: The Stepfather
16: Le Trio Inferno
17: Top Secret
18: Songs from the Second Floor (Sånger från andra våningen)
19: The Deer Hunter
20: Let The Right One In
21: Death Proof
22: Suicide Club
23: Robocop
24: The Lion King
25: Shogun Assassin
26: Jaws
27: The Dark Knight Rises
28: The Fury
29: Hard Core Logo