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Random scene from the 1970s Japanese TV series Mute Samurai. In the clip we see a samurai stepping away from his group to relieve himself only to get blown up by a rocket a moment later.

As funny as that clip is, this show is actually really badass! It stars Tomisaburo Wakayama who was best known for playing Ogami Itto in the blood gushingly violent Lone Wolf and Cub movies. Here’s the plot:

A master swordsman, Kiichi Hogan (Tomisaburo Wakayama), wanders Japan in search of the Spanish swordsman who murdered his parents and slashed his throat 18 years before. Renouncing any normal life the samurai has become the feared bounty hunter, “Devil” Hogan, the Mute Samurai.

Here’s one of the fight scenes:

The 26 episode Mute Samurai series isn’t officially available in the U.S. at the moment, but you can order DVDs on eBay.