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Tommy Wiseau, creator of THE ROOM and the new TV show THE NEIGHBORS, available now on Hulu. AMA!

Tommy Wiseau, director of cult classic The Room, answered user submitted questions on Reddit today and it was as weird as you’d expect. He was there to promote his new TV series The Neighbors (available now on Hulu).

Wiseau conducted the AMA over the phone while a Reddit employee, Victoria, transcribed his answers. Victoria did an amazing job of capturing his essence in the transcription. Here are some of the highlights.

Q: I touched your arm briefly at a screening of The Room in NYC. Do I get your special powers now?

A: Hahahaha! The answer is yes. I am very spiritual guy, so as you guys kneow, we give away anniversary tag – we have screening in San Francisco – and yes you will have special power. Now we are connected.

Q: If you could choose your neighbors, out of everyone in the world, who would you choose?

A: Wow. That’s a… I’ll be honest with you… I like everybody so I don’t want to discriminate who’d be my neighbor. But it would be fun to live next to Clint Eastwood, for example. Or Orson Welles, but he’s not around. So I can’t discriminate. I don’t care who they are, as long as they are sincere about life.

Q: Why do you wear so many belts?

A: I loooove it. That’s why. I encourage guys to wear it. 2 and 3.

Q: How many pushups can you do?

A: I can do pushups. Sure! I can do 100 push-ups, at least.

Q: You’d mentioned something about having dinosaurs in your house? What did you mean by that? Also, why was there a doggy in the flower shop?

A: They were all dinosaurs, you know? I mean, it’s always something weird. I have little dinosaurs in my house, yes. Plastic ones. I love dogs. And by the way, that was a real dog, from the owner of the flower shop! And I want to clarify this, the dog made $100. The dog was under contract.

Q: Hey Tommy, whose doggie was that in the flower shop scene?

A: Neoow! Actually no! I said this a few minutes ago, I don’t know if you write this or not, but it was the owner’s dog. It made a hundred bucks. It was a very unique dog. It was funny, again, this is funny experience that we have – to use the flower shop lady, she was very kind- and for some of you, eating breakfast cereal, they think we go to flower shop – these people were under contract. We are very professional people, let’s put it that way.

Q: Have you ever heard the speculation that you’re DB Cooper? If so, where did you hide the 727?

A: Uh… neowww, but what people speculate is incorrect referencing. Not familiar with that. Looking right now, they are wrong, let’s put it that way.

Q: Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?

A: I can do both. Moveonnextquestion!

You can read the whole AMA on Reddit.