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Arch Hall Jr. in Eegah (1962) - Mystery Science Theater 3000

Arch Hall Jr., known by Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans as the star of Eegah (1962), recently reviewed Furious 7 after seeing the film in Bangkok.

I went to a movie here in Bangkok last evening and watched “Furious 7” it did deliver bucket loads of action using far fetched CGI gags but it seemed to work delivering what action hungry young audiences with short attention spans crave with a respectable array of stars. Thailand’s own Tony Jaa’s was appreciated in his supporting role as well as the headliners. Eavesdropping on a few spectators comments was why Vietnamese hottie Levy Tran didn’t have a bigger part other that the “Race Wars” starter girl? She definitely stole the brief scene in which she appeared with her booty twitching “attitude” Fans of the franchise will likely approve of director James Wan’s use of Paul Walker’s brother in the closing sequence, having kept a tone of respect & good taste.
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Here’s Levy Tran, the Vietnamese hottie that he mentioned:
Levy Tran in Furious 7

While maybe not wowed by the film, he did seem to like it overall. I like that he provides a look at how the Thai audience responded to the movie.

Hall, of course, has experience with car movies from starring in The Choppers (1961).

The Choppers Poster - Arch Hall Jr

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