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Three Jorah Moon - Game of Thrones - Jorah Mormont x Three Wolf Moon

A variation of the Three Wolf Moon meme featuring Jorah Mormont from Game of Thrones. The three Jorahs stare longingly at the Daenerys-faced moon from deep in the friend zone.

Source: Taarsidath-anHalsaam on Reddit.

Also, did you know “Jorah” is the name of a Canaanite moon god? Coincidence?

Yarikh (also written as Jerah, Jarah, or Jorah) is a moon god in Canaanite religion whose epithets are “illuminator of the heavens”‘, “illuminator of the myriads of stars” and “lord of the sickle”. The latter epithet may come from the appearance of the crescent moon. Yarikh was recognized as the provider of nightly dew, and married to the goddess Nikkal, his moisture causing her orchards to bloom in the desert. The city of Jericho bears his name.

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