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MST3K Reboot Kickstarter - Felicia Day, Jonah Ray, Patton Oswalt

Joel Hodgson has revealed the actors and writers involved in his planned reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and it’s quite an impressive list!

Jonah Ray – Host
Felicia Day – Kinga Forrester (Dr. Clayton Forrester’s Daughter)
Patton Oswalt – TV’s Son of TV’s Frank
Hampton Yount – Crow T. Robot
Baron Vaughn – Tom Servo

New Writers:

  • DAN HARMON, the incredible mind who created Community, hosts the Harmontownpodcast, and co-creator of the very funny Rick & Morty.
  • JUSTIN ROILAND, the other creator of Rick & Morty, as well as a very talented voice actor/comedian/artist, and a huge MSTie.
  • ROB SCHRAB, an original remote writer for MST3K, co-founder of the seminal Channel 101… and now, director of the next Lego Movie.
  • NELL SCOVELL, a long-time collaborator and friend, will be “in the house” too. She’s currently writing on the The Muppet Show but has worked on The Simpsons, Newhart andIt’s Garry Shandling’s Show, among others.
  • ERNIE CLINE, the New York Times best-selling author of Ready Player One, which will soon be a movie from Steven Spielberg! If you’ve read RP1, you know how good Ernie is with cultural references.
  • PAT ROTHFUSS, the New York Times best-selling author of The Name of Wind, has offered to have a “story breakfast” with me and go over “story beats” for the next series… and a few of you can join us!
  • PAUL & STORM, the hilarious musical act, W00tstock founders and stars, musical contributors to Despicable Me 2, my good friends and the hosts for Friday’s live “Final Countdown Telethon” will be contributing riffs and some special music!
  • DANA GOULD, the brilliant comedian and former Simpsons writer, who will also probably appear on camera as well for a cameo or two. But actually, that gets into the area of our Guest Cameos, which is a topic I want to save for tomorrow.
  • ROBERT LOPEZ, the EGOT-winning songwriter from Avenue Q, The Book of Mormon andFrozen, has offered to write some original songs for us!

Returning Staff

  • CHARLIE ERICKSON,or, as he’s now known in the international DJ scene, Chuck Love, was the musical genius behind the original MST3K theme song, as well as the arranger of the haunting “MST3K Love Theme.” Charlie will be back to work on some new arrangements for us… and hopefully some new music, too!
  • BEEZ McKEEVER, MST3K’s original “Prop Diva,” will return to design special costumes for the bots. (Watch for her special line in the credits: “Robot Fashions created by Miss Beez of Duluth!”)
  • CRIST BALLAS, our original MST3K hair and makeup designer – and a long time friend – will also be joining us in that department, as well as plying his real trade: creating Academy Award-winning special effects makeup!

And finally…

  • PAUL CHAPLIN – old “Pitch” himself! – the veteran writer (over 144 MST3K episodes!) will be back demonstrate his mastery of “the craft we call riff”… and more important, to show the newer MST3K writers how we did it back in the day!

Fun Fact: Rob Schrab was actually a contributing writer for MST3K episode 321, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, but was credited as “Rob Schrad.”

Rob Schrab as Rob Schrad - MST3K 321 Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

The Kickstarter campaign has some great rewards for backers including dinner with Joel and guests, personalized voicemails and videos, the actual Crow and Servo puppets used in upcoming episodes, opportunities to write and act on the show. Of course there are digital downloads, posters and t-shirts as well. Every backer also gets a free Rifftrax short which I think is a really nice gesture from fellow MST3K alumni Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett.

Check out the promo video and help #BringBackMST3K.