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These are daguerreotype photographs of real crew members of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror who were fictionalized in the television show The Terror. They were part of an 1845 Arctic expedition led by Captain Sir John Franklin to explore the Northwest Passage. The entire expedition of 129 men was never heard from again. Over 130 years later mummified corpses and evidence of cannibalism were discovered.

Sir John Franklin, Captain

The Terror Real Sir John Franklin

TV version played by CiarĂ¡n Hinds
The Terror Ciaran Hinds Sir John Franklin

Francis Rawden Moira Crozier, Captain

The Terror Real Captain Crozier

TV version played by Jared Harris
The Terror Jared Harris Captain Francis Cozier

James Fitzjames, Commander

The Terror Real Fitzjames

TV version played by Tobias Menzies
The Terror Tobias Menzies Captain James Fitzjames

Harry D.S. Goodsir, Assistant Surgeon

The Terror Real Goodsir

TV version played by Paul Ready
The Terror Paul Ready Doctor Harry Goodsir

Henry Foster Collins, Second Master

The Terror Real Collins

Stephen Samuel Stanley, Surgeon

The Terror Real Stanley

H.T.D. Le Vesconte, Lieutenant

The Terror Real Vesconte

Charles Hamilton Osmer, Purser

The Terror Real Osmer

Robert Orme Sargent, Mate

The Terror Real Sargent

Graham Gore, Lieutenant

The Terror Real Gore

James Walter Fairholme, Lieutenant

The Terror Real Fairholme

Edward Couch, Mate

The Terror Real Couch

James Reid, Ice Master

The Terror Real Reid

Charles Frederick Des Voeux, Mate

The Terror Real Des Voeux

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Artifacts and Remains from the Franklin Expedition

Remarkably preserved frozen bodies of the Franklin Expedition (1846) along with a few pics of artifacts & cannibalized bones. These bodies were found over 130 years later