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Where's Servo? MST3K Print by Steve Seck

This amazing print by Steve Seck features a character from every single movie riffed on Mystery Science Theater 3000 from the KTMA pilot (“The Green Slime”) all the way to the final episode (“Diabolik”).

You can buy this as a 13 x 19 in. print on 61 lb. matte paper here.

The print comes with a 2-page character key that lays out which character was drawn for each experiment.

Description from Steve Seck’s website:

Inspired by Martin Handford’s deceptively simple drawing style for his series of “Where’s Waldo?” books, I drew a character from each episode of MST3K as my wife and I watched the entire series chronologically. This print contains all of the crappiest characters from your favorite movies riffed on MST3K – from Torgo to Trumpy, Mitchell to Puma Man, Gamera to Krankor, even the mythical and vague Sampo! (Oh yeah, and you can also search for Tom Servo, I think.)