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x-men x teenage mutant ninja turtles fan art mashup by marco d'alfonso

by Marco D’Alfonso

April O’Neil as Jubilee
Metalhead as Colossus
Michelangelo as Iceman
Casey Jones as Cable
Donatello as Beast
Leonardo as Cyclops
Raphael as Wolverine

  • Rod

    The art is ok, but who is Casey supposed to be? Can't be Colossus due to one of the turtles being Colossus.

  • Rod

    never mind, just noticed the eye, Casey is supposed to be Cable.

  • Seriously? Donatello as Beast? NOOOOOOOO!!!!

    He should be Gambit, because he’s good with tech, he can make explosives.

    • z

      You make a good argument for Donatello as Gambit, especially since they both use bo staffs. Although, Beast is good with technology too, so that pairing still makes sense to me.