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Darth Vader UK
Ladbrokes Games conducted a survey asking 2000 UK residents to vote on their favorite sci-fi and fantasy properties.

Here are the results (with related illustrations interspersed):


UK’s Top 5 Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Series:

star wars uk wallpaper
Star Wars UK Wallpaper via Backwards & Beyond

doctor who x star trek
Star Trek vs Doctor Who by Mike Mayhew

Most Overrated Sci-Fi/Fantasy Series:

Angry Jake Sully - Avatar

Top 3 “Dark” Characters:

Joker Animated Illustration by Greg Capullo - Batman - Death of the Family - GIF
Art by Greg Capullo / Animated by ABVH

Best Form of Superhero Transport:

  • Batmobile (30.55%)
  • Iron Man Suit (26.25%)
  • Star Wars Podracers (16.85%)

Batmobile by Vlado
Batmobile by Vlado

Dan Harmon in Iron Man Suit by Rob Schrab at Comic-con - Made by Rob Schrab
Dan Harmon’s Iron Man Suit by Rob Schrab

Top 3 Favorite Lead Roles:

Batman Street Art
Batman Street Art

Wolverines Playing Poker - AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #590 Wolverine Art Appreciation variant cover by Paolo Rivera in the style of C.M. Coolidge
Wolverines Playing Poker by Paolo Rivera

Doctor Whoever by Quirkilicious - 11 Doctor Who Actors

Doctor Whoever by Quirkilicious

Best Female Character Performance:

Meow by Lukas Brezak - Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman
Catwoman by Lukas Brezak

Star Wars Goes on Vacation - Rolling Stone Cover July 1983 - Slave Leia, Darth Vader, Ewok
Princess Leia Rolling Stone Cover July 1983

Top 3 Sci-Fi Ships:

Sci-Fi Ships - Millennium Falcon, Tardis, Starship Enterprise
via Starship tumblr

What do you guys think? What would you have picked?

With Star Wars, Star Trek and Batman winning most of these categories, it looks like the UK and America are generally in agreement when it comes to sci-fi and fantasy.